Increase your visitor numbers, engagement and open new revenue opportunities. Bring the benefits of digital and outdoor activity together. 


Using motivational game thinking, construct a sustainable revenue generator and create superfans to grow your business.


As a digital change expert, I coach and provide you with step by step processes to ensure you achieve the benefits of using the best digital can provide to grow your business.   

I’m John Campbell, Outdoor leader, Coach and Digital director 

The Ignition Method

Are you concerned about getting your business back on track? 

Do you need to reach out and connect with your visitor encouraging them to return? 

Do you need to target an entirely new set of customers to grow your business?

Do you have seasonal dips in revenue?

Do you want to introduce something new?

By following the Ignition Method, you will see an increase in interest and visitor returns. You get all the tools and processes to let you repeatedly reach out and engage, bringing in new customers. The Ignition Method is a unique process that provides you with all the functions, system and digital strategies to connect with your ideal customers and everything you need to create your revenue generator give your more financial freedom to grow your business. 

In the Ignition Method, I provide five pillars: Assess, Promote, Construct, Engage and Monitor. I give easy step by step instruction and live coaching to make sure you have the ability, all the system and confidence to grow your business or activity. I introduce your to gamification apps to provide you with a new way to involve your customers.

Pillar 2: Promote

The critical aspect of promoting is your messaging, how you come across your ideal customer. In the Ignition Method, I give you all the options, and we will work out the best for you. Is your message correct, can you easily to connect to your customers, do you automate your marketing or Ad strategy? I will give you all these with a simple framework.

Pillar 3: Construct

I will step you through and give you the tools and methods to identify and create alternative revenue streams using your knowledge and skill to complement your outdoor activity. Reduce the seasonal impact by constructing the sustainable revenue generator.

Pillar 4: Engage

To enable you to convert new contacts to true customers, you need to engage with them. I include the myGeoPlatform, a unique way to gamify your trails and run events with mobile apps to make the outdoor fun. To engage I also include a challenge launch strategy.

Lets get moving challenge

Take part in the Geo Challenge

In 2021, we are setting up a challenge for everyone to take part. During Covid and our lockdown, we cannot get out and participate in competitive group adventures.  We all must spend time outdoors, time outside in open areas helps our physical fitness and mental wellbeing. 

Therefore we are creating a Geo challenge environment to let you set up geomarkers to find in your community anywhere in the world.   As you find markers, the scoreboard is updated, and you can track points, time and distance for your community group. If you want more information on how to get involved, please connect with us, and I will send you more information.

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Introducing Gamification to your Marketing

Coming Soon

Introducing gamification in the marketing

Using gamification techniques in your marketing and increasing engagement will be covered in the free workshop coming soon.   As part of the Ignition Method, you need to be continually improving how you connect with your audience. 

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Are you waiting to start something?

I know I am and we just need to get out of our own way. Remember you are not limited to who you are - make it happen.

Watch this space - we are helping outdoor and activity business's or those who want to move into the business leverage profit from digital change. Going to move and start the membership and support.

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Today I am excited to released the new version of the Scatter mobile app where you create your hunt on the Scatter webapp and then anyone can play it on the mobile.

Try it out and we would love your feedback.

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We should try and get some more trips and adventures in before the weather changes. This time of year as autumn arrives is a great opportunity to get out and enjoy the outdoors. This trip was spur of the moment canoe and camp and was worth it. ⁠

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