My Story

Passionate about motivating others to be active and want to help you to grow your business or event

John Campbell

I am a passionate outdoor enthusiast who enjoys the outdoors and being active. As a qualified mountain leader, an athletics coach and a dad to four children I enjoy motivating others to try new things, explore the outdoors and more active.

I run a digital company, Global Digital and I use all my digital experience to create the unique Ignition Method integrating the best products to make sure you can grow your business.  I created the myGeoPltaform providing Trail and event mobile apps to make the outdoor fun. 

My Story

We are focused on improving the health and well-being of as many people across the world as possible, by increased activity and time outdoors. We will connect with people to help appreciate and gain benefit from the outdoors. Our mission is to motivate and inspire everyone to be more active and improve the appreciation and enjoyment of the outdoors delivered through active adventure.
People today are less active with the knowledge and appreciation of the outdoors is being eroded. The impact of this is that in the future our children will not realise the benefits outdoors.
Our aim is to motivate people through the telling of inspiring stories of nature and achievement, supporting and suggesting ways to encourage outdoor fun. Our vision is to grow an active community of like-minded people across the world, and through introducing and developing a digital platform of enabling apps and activities, we will all be able to tell and engage others in stories of nature through digital adventure. As a community, we will create an experience using gamification and a fun approach to discover and learn about the stories of nature and heritage.
We work with our community to create exciting and engaging content to help inspire engagement. We will introduce a framework for storytelling to meet the primary concept target. We will appoint ambassadors and leading voices to work with us to grow this community and context impacting the lives of as many people around the world as possible.

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